Watch Out Detroit, The Freedom March is Here!

The Spirit of Detroit is draped in Official Freedom Walk Detroit Apparel.

The Spirit of Detroit is now draped in the Official Freedom Walk Detroit Apparel! As the Detroit Branch NAACP, UAW, and the City of Detroit prepare for the 50th Anniversary of the Original Freedom Walk, the Spirit of Detroit now reflects the spirit of the people. In the words of Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony, “It is draped for the champion of justice, it is draped for the people 50 years later.”

Join us on June 22, 2013 as we March for the 50th Anniversary Freedom Walk Detroit. More information can be found at

Councilwoman JoAnn Watson ignites the crowd as they prepare for the Freedom Walk Detroit in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


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  1. It was a great and wonderful event from beginning to end. Thank you Rev. Wendell Anthony, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and Rev. Jim Holley. Good Job!!!!

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