STOP & FRISK: Top 10 Tips for Police Encounters

1. Keep your cool, don’t act a fool: Always be respectful.
2. In a traffic stop, pull over right away, have your Drivers’ License, Registration, and Proof of Insurance in your hand, turn on the dome light, and keep your hands in plain view on the steering wheel.
3. Texting while driving is illegal. Don’t do it.
4. You have the right to say, “Officer I don’t consent to searches.”
5. You have the right to say, “Officer, am I being detained or am I free to go?”
6. Never touch a police officer, never resist, never run.
7. Call 911, a friend, or relative if you feel threatened, and make a video of the situation with your phone if you can.
8. If you think something is wrong, swift action is needed. Try to

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memorize the officer’s name, badge number, and physical description. File a police report right away.
9. You have the right to an attorney. Don’t sign anything without a lawyer’s advice.
10. If you believe your rights were violated, call the Detroit Branch NAACP at (313) 871-2087.