Sign our Petition Today: Orr Must GO!

Please join the Respect for Detroit Citizens Coalition in asking citizens of Detroit and all of those who support us, in calling for the resignation of Emergency Manager Kevin Orr after his recent Wall Street Journal comments stating, “For a long time the City was dumb, lazy, happy, and rich.” We ask that you sign the petition, and share the email language below with all of your networks. We must show to everyone that the Citizens of Detroit demand respect and that Detroit is Better Than That!

Dear Citizen of Detroit,

Sign our petition at and show that Detroiters, and all who support our great city, will not be insulted and demeaned by the self proclaimed “benevolent dictator.” Mr. Orr’s recent comments in an interview with the Wall Street Journal stating, “For a long time the City was dumb, lazy, happy and rich.“ were arrogant and callous. It is, without apology, possessing no sensitivity or a concern for the very people he has been “selected” to so-called manage.

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Respect for Detroit Citizens Coalition