Detroit Teachers Deserve Our Support

20160122_113043Please see the official press statement given at a press conference held on Friday, January 22, 2016, in support of Detroit Public School teachers.  Several members of Detroit’s faith based community along with national, state and local elected officials stood together to call for the Governor, State Legislature and Emergency Manager Darnell Earley to not take punitive actions against Detroit Public School teachers but to take the necessary steps to provide Detroit’s school children with a quality education.

Click the link Detroit Teachers Deserve Our Support to read the press statement in its entirety.

Detroit Branch NAACP Supports Mayoral Management and Control of the City’s Water and Sewage Department

Please see the attached press statement from Detroit Branch NAACP President  Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony, regarding Mayoral Control and Management of the Detroit Water and Sewage Department.

NAACP_Press Statement_Detroit Water Department

Sign our Petition Today: Orr Must GO!

Please join the Respect for Detroit Citizens Coalition in asking citizens of Detroit and all of those who support us, in calling for the resignation of Emergency Manager Kevin Orr after his recent Wall Street Journal comments stating, “For a long time the City was dumb, lazy, happy, and rich.” We ask that you sign the petition, and share the email language below with all of your networks. We must show to everyone that the Citizens of Detroit demand respect and that Detroit is Better Than That!

Dear Citizen of Detroit,

Sign our petition at and show that Detroiters, and all who support our great city, will not be insulted and demeaned by the self proclaimed “benevolent dictator.” Mr. Orr’s recent comments in an interview with the Wall Street Journal stating, “For a long time the City was dumb, lazy, happy and rich.“ were arrogant and callous. It is, without apology, possessing no sensitivity or a concern for the very people he has been “selected” to so-called manage.

Sign today at

Respect for Detroit Citizens Coalition

Detroit is Better Than That

The following press statement was given by Detroit Branch NAACP President Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony during a press conference held on Tuesday, August 6, 2013 seeking resignation from Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr.  The press conference was called by local clergy demanding the resignation of Orr stemming from his recent comments in an interview with the Wall Street Journal where he’s quoted as calling Detroit “dumb, lazy, happy and rich.”

Press Statement — Detroit is Better Than That

Detroit Branch NAACP Host Deputy Mayor Kirk Lewis and Detroit’s State Legislators

The Detroit Branch NAACP hosted its bi-monthly Allies, Issues, and Action meeting. The topic, “What’s Next for Detroit?” Our first guest speaker was City of Detroit’s Deputy Mayor Kirk Lewis. The room was full to capacity, and the conversation was intense, informative, and electrifying. Deputy Mayor Kirk Lewis this morning discussed the consent decree between the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan. The Deputy mayor stated, “it was extremely difficult to sign,” but he also said that “it must work so city residents can shape their own future.” Deputy Mayor Lewis spoke for an hour and was particularly thorough in his presentation. Lewis talked about the consent agreement and how it will require the city to control spending and pay down its accumulated deficit.

We were also honored by the presence of three state legislators who also spoke about the consent agreement. The State Legislators also gave their own legislative updates. State Representatives Thomas Stallworth, Fred Durhal, and Alberta Tinsley-Talabi gave their accounts of the leadership in Lansing, the consent agreement and discussed many other pressing issues our Detroit delegation is facing on a daily basis in Lansing.

Lastly, President Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony commented on what’s next for Detroit and the consent agreement. President Anthony said “the consent agreement gives longtime citizens grave concern because the agreement is “perpetuity” and will be hard to get out of.” President Anthony went on to say “This consent agreement, even though it’s signed and packaged, doesn’t have a sunset.” “The fact that the governor and the state did not put any money on the table, that’s a major problem.” [and] “Some feel like the soul of Detroit has been ripped out, I’ve never in my life felt like I feel now about my city. It’s like I don’t even know it anymore. And that’s not a good feeling.”

The room was full to capacity, and the conversation was intense, informative, and electrifying.

Please join us for the next Detroit Branch NAACP Allies, Issues, and Action Meeting, Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at 10:00am.