In Memory of Ron Scott


The following press statement was issued by Detroit Branch NAACP President Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony regarding the passing of Ron Scott.

The Detroit Branch NAACP joins in a collective chorus with those who both mourn for and salute the life of Ron Scott (community activist, social engineer, and human rights warrior.) Mr. Scott has been a consistent champion for those often left out, overlooked, and marginalized. It is most inspiring and provokes an unrelenting pursuing of justice and fairness when a life such as that of Ron Scott is given to all of us as a model. Ron has been, in many cases, a voice crying in the wilderness when it comes to police and community relations, civil rights, social respect and human dignity for the least of these. He was a constant reminder to both law enforcement and government officials of their duty and responsibility to protect and to serve. We shall remember Ron Scott not because he died most recently, but because he lived most nobly. We thank Ron Scott for his voice, for his tenacity, for his spirit, and for the critical accountability of justice that he demanded for our community. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and supporters. Please know that there is an old African proverb which says:

“Those who we love die only in the physical sense. Their spirit is
continued in the will and determination of those whom they leave behind.”

The spirit of Ron Scott lives on in each individual who is concerned about justice for all.

Detroit Branch NAACP Press Statement — In Memory of Ron Scott