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The Detroit Branch NAACP has developed a resource guide that is filled with useful information, as well as reliable organizations in the city of Detroit. You can also find the Detroit Branch NAACP information downloads here.

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  1. My son rides the Smart bus to school everyday. He is a freshman at Cass Tech & we live in Redford, so that distance is very expensive! But on Mon Feb 25th I dropped him off at the bus stop like I do every morning, when the bus came the bus driver refused to let my son on the bus, he just closed the door on his face and drove off!! My son called me right away and I had to go back and pick him up and take him to school which made him late. I couldn’t believe it at first but it happened. I immediately called and made a complaint. So Tues Feb 26th I took him to the bus stop and waited this time to see what would happen and he did the same thing! I called again and made another complaint! I really believe he discriminated against my son and action needs to be taken! I would like advise please because this as got to stop! We are really effected by this!

    • Hello Nicole and thank you for contacting the Detroit Branch NAACP. Every first Wednesday of the month from 10:00A.M. – 3:00P.M., we offer our Ask the Lawyer Program. The program allows for a free 15 minute consultation with attorney regarding your legal matter. In addition, we partner with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights to address complaints of discrimination. For more information please contact our office at 313-871-2087.

      Lastly, we invite you to join us for the 50th Anniversary of the Martin Luther King Jr., Freedom Walk. The event will be held June 22, 2013 and we will meet at the intersection of Warren & Forest at 9:00A.M. More information can be found at

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