Press Statement – Detroit Branch NAACP Response to Potential Threat to Metro Detroit Community Leaders

The following Press Statement is issued by Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony, President, Detroit Branch NAACP regarding the weapons and targeted list found by the FBI in the home and business of an alleged neo-Nazi in Ohio.

DETROIT — In January of this year the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) contacted me to inform me of some disturbing items they found in the home and business of an alleged neo-Nazi and white supremacist in Toledo, Ohio. The investigation by the Ohio FBI led to the discovery of multiple high powered weapons, thousands of rounds of ammunition and that he appeared to be tracking community leaders in Detroit and I was one of the ones whose name appeared on a suspected target list. I along with my family and many others in the community are grateful for the investigative work done by the Ohio FBI and the United States Department of Justice. We still live in a time and place where certain individuals do not believe that people or organizations such as the NAACP should advocate for civil rights and social justice. History already tells us that this type of advocacy work is not immune from hatred and violence. We take these allegations very seriously but will not allow it to deter us from fighting for equality.

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