Detroit NAACP Youth Council Travels To Louisville, KY

Friday, March 30, 2012- Detroit NAACP Youth Council departs from the Detroit Branch NAACP office headed to Louisville, KY for the NAACP Civil Rights and Training Institute. (front row- lefrt to right) Malaysha White, Antashe Howard, Rajini-Anne Jackson, Naudia Harrison, Mical Holt and Executive Director Donnell R. White (back row left to right) Detroit NAACP Youth Council Advisor Indira Pierce, D'Avery Spearman, Detroit NAACP Youth Council President Te'Jaughn Rodgers and Greg Harrison

The Detroit NAACP Youth Council departs for Louisville, KY for an enlightening weekend at the NAACP Civil Rights and Advocacy Training Institute.  Participants will convene from various states throughout the mid-west region to focus on membership recruitment, employment discrimination, environmental justice, law enforcement and immigration advocacy, voter empowerment and redistricting advocacy, criminal justice advocacy and education advocacy.

The Detroit Branch NAACP remains committed to training and developing the next generation of civil rights and social justice advocates.