Detroit Branch NAACP Asked To Help Craft Detroit Sustainability Plan

The Detroit Branch NAACP has been tapped to join the efforts of the Detroit Climate Action Collaborative, an alliance of community based energy and environmental experts focused on reducing green house gases and crafting a sustainability plan for the city of Detroit.

Based on our Climate Equity success, proven managerial and collaborative experience and broad reach, the Branch will assist DCAC in several key areas. From refining their goals, research strategy and indicators to proposing data sources, helping establish benchmarking baseline assessments and identifying targets for mitigation and adaptation guidelines.

The Detroit Branch NAACP will help look at indicator values in reference communities, define and identify local characteristics and prioritize short-term (1-5 years) and long-term (5+ years) recommendations and action. The Detroit Branch NAACP will also help develop implementation measures, recommendation language and help provide strategic, political and community engagement direction.