Detroit Branch NAACP 58th Annual Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner Another Success!

The Detroit Branch NAACP 58th Annual Fiight For Freedom Fund Dinner was another success! Thank you to our guests, sponsors, supporters and volunteers. Here are just a few highlights from the Dinner. Stay tuned for more to come.

Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony, President, Detroit Branch NAACP, 58th Annual Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner Keynote Speaker Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, House Democratic Leader and Donnell White, Executive Director Detroit Branch NAACP.

2013 Ida. B. Wells Freedom and Justice Awardee Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Congressman John Conyers, Rev. Anthony and Mary Blackmon, Chair, Detroit Branch NAACP Art & Essay Committee with the 23rd Annual Art & Essay Winners.

Great crowd at the 58th Annual Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner!

Photos courtesy of Andre Smith and Rogers Foster



General Membership Meeting with the Detroit Water and Sewage Department

Asst. Director of Finance James George discusses how water rates are calculated for Detroit Residents and the Detroit Branch NAACP General Membership Meeting

This month at the Detroit NAACP General Membership meeting, we discussed Detroit Water and Sewage. As we all know, without water there is no life. Keeping that in mind, Detroit’s Water and Sewage department has become a very important topic of discussion as the department restructures itself, it will undoubtedly affect all of us in one way or another. Rodney Johnson, Assistant Director of Commercial Operations and Public Affairs of the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department and James George, Assistant Director of Finance, were both on hand to represent the Water and Sewage Department. “We are in a restructuring mode”. James George explained. “We are trying to reduce cost as much as we can by restructuring the way we do things!” Rodney Johnson and James George both discussed possible layoffs in the future. “We are trying to achieve a higher efficiency rate which means will reduce our administrative costs and employees will be cut” Rodney Johnson explained to us. Many questions came up concerning water rates, the new water Authority, sewage and drainage, effects on the environment, and how much money the water department profits each year. They were also asked about Genesee County and what happens to our water rates if Genesee County receives water from another entity, will Detroiter’s rates be affected? The Answer, Absolutely!


The Detroit Branch NAACP will match opportunity with potential when it hosts the 8th Annual Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! – A Super Career Expo.  The career expo is free and open to the public and will feature several workshops.  Workshop times are scheduled as follows: 

9:30 A.M. — Worker’s Right – Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
10:10 A.M. — Career Pathways to Entrepreneurship — McDonald’s
10:40 A.M. — Interviewing Skills and Resume Writing – Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation (DESC)
10:40 A.M. — Social Media and the Workforce – WardHill Omni Media
11:20 A.M. — Career Pathways to Entrepreneurship — McDonald’s
1:00 P.M. — Interviewing Skills and Resume Writing — DESC
9:30 A.M. – 1:30 P.M. – Dress for Success Strolling Fashion Show – Jackets for Jobs 

A computer resource center will be on-site for individuals to apply for jobs online.  On the spot interviews are likely so all attendees are encouraged to dress appropriately in professional attire. 

Participating Companies

  • Auto Zone
  • Beaumont Health Systems
  • Detroit Electrical Joint Apprentice
  • Focus: Hope
  • MAC
  • McDonald’s
  • McLaren Macomb
  • Michigan Civil Service Commission
  • Secret Service
  • Starfish Family Services
  • The Art Institutes of Michigan
  • United States Steel
  • Ypsilanti Community Schools

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! is presented by the Detroit Branch NAACP along with its bronze sponsors McDonalds.  Additional partners are the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation (DESC), Detroit Public Library, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Jackets for Jobs and the State of Michigan – Talent Connect. 

Host & Hostess Meeting with Detroit NAACP Youth Council

On Wednesday April 12, 2013 the Detroit NAACP Youth Council and Host & Hostess committee joined forces to prepare for the 58th Annual Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner. At the meeting Mrs. Genevieve Bellamy addressed the young people teaching them about the importance of the civil war and civil rights movement. Mrs. Bellamy was a starting member of the Host & Hostess Program. Additionally, the young people are preparing for their joint community service event on April 20, 2013.

The Detroit NAACP Youth Council continues to meet every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:00P.M. at the Detroit NAACP Office (8220 Second Ave. )

Allies Issues & Actions with Sheriff Benny Napoleon

On Tuesday April 9th, at our bi-monthly Allies, Issues, and Action meeting our guest speaker was Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon. The Sheriff spoke mostly about public safety in Wayne County. Sheriff Napoleon was extremely specific on crime statistics and he also explained why he believes building a new jail is a necessity. Napoleon pointed to budget cuts as the reason for drastic changes in the Wayne County Sheriffs office. “We are down at least 500 sheriffs; and we no longer have a narcotics unit!” The Sheriff explained.  “Wayne County is facing some serious fiscal challenges.”  Sheriff Napoleon went on to also discuss the city of Detroit and the issues that it faces. “I have never and will never support the Emergency Manager Law.” Sheriff Napoleon is a candidate for Mayor in the City of Detroit. Napoleon said “I am Running for Mayor because I have hope in Detroit. I understand Detroiters, and I have been here all my life. My mother still lives here and  I raised  my daughter here. I embody the spirit of Detroit, because I have stayed and fought for a brighter future and today is not the day that I am ready to give up on that fight!”

Official Press Statement to Announce Keynote Speaker: Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Click the link below to read the official press statement of Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony as unveils the details of the 58th Annual Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner.

Detroit Branch NAACP President, Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony, announcing details for the 58th Annual Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner.

The lineup of all stars that will be featured at the Detroit Branch NAACP 58th Annual Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner are Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi; Professor, Award Winning Author and MSNBC Contributor Dr. Michael Eric Dyson; Detroit City Councilwoman and the 1st Female Executive Director of the Detroit Branch NAACP JoAnn Watson; Senior Editor of the Michigan Chronicle Bankole Thompson and Wayne State University Law School Dean Jocelyn Benson.

Rev. Anthony and Congressman Conyers being interviewed by WWJ’s Pat Sweeting during 58th Annual Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner Press Conference.


Detroit Branch NAACP leadership and community leaders on hand to unveil the details for the 58th Annual Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner (from left to right): Donnell White, Executive Director; Detroit Branch NAACP; James Davis, representing 2013 Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner General Co-Chair ChemicoMays LLC; LaKeisha Becton, Detroit Branch NAACP Executive Board Member; Honorable John Conyers; Rev. Wendell Anthony, President, Detroit Branch NAACP and Marvel Cheeks, Detroit Branch NAACP Executive Board Member.


House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to Serve as Keynote Speaker for 58th Annual Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner


Detroit Branch NAACP President Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony announced U.S. House of Representatives Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California) as the Keynote Speaker for the 58th Annual Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner.  The Detroit Branch NAACP 58th Annual Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner will be held on Sunday, April 28, 2013 at Cobo Conference Center.  Congresswoman Pelosi is the first woman to ever serve as Speaker of the House.  She served as Speaker of the House from 2007-2011. 

In addition to announcing Congresswoman Pelosi as the Keynote Speaker Rev. Anthony also announced the following award recipients:

2013 Great Expectations Awardee

Bankole Thompson

Senior Editor, Michigan Chronicle

2013 Great Expectations Awardee
Dean Jocelyn Benson
Dean, Wayne State University Law School

2013 Ida B. Wells Freedom and Justice Awardee
Dr. Michael Eric Dyson
Professor, Georgetown University and Author

2013 Mary Church Terrell Freedom and Justice Awardee
Honorable JoAnn Watson
Councilwoman, City of Detroit

For more information on purchasing tickets, tables and sponsorships please call 313-871-2087.