General Membership Meeting with the Detroit Water and Sewage Department

Asst. Director of Finance James George discusses how water rates are calculated for Detroit Residents and the Detroit Branch NAACP General Membership Meeting

This month at the Detroit NAACP General Membership meeting, we discussed Detroit Water and Sewage. As we all know, without water there is no life. Keeping that in mind, Detroit’s Water and Sewage department has become a very important topic of discussion as the department restructures itself, it will undoubtedly affect all of us in one way or another. Rodney Johnson, Assistant Director of Commercial Operations and Public Affairs of the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department and James George, Assistant Director of Finance, were both on hand to represent the Water and Sewage Department. “We are in a restructuring mode”. James George explained. “We are trying to reduce cost as much as we can by restructuring the way we do things!” Rodney Johnson and James George both discussed possible layoffs in the future. “We are trying to achieve a higher efficiency rate which means will reduce our administrative costs and employees will be cut” Rodney Johnson explained to us. Many questions came up concerning water rates, the new water Authority, sewage and drainage, effects on the environment, and how much money the water department profits each year. They were also asked about Genesee County and what happens to our water rates if Genesee County receives water from another entity, will Detroiter’s rates be affected? The Answer, Absolutely!