2012-2013 Detroit Youth Election Results are In!

On May 2nd, 2012 the Detroit Youth Council held their bi – weekly meeting but this meeting was different in that it was election night for the 2012-2012 Youth Council Executive Board.

The Youth Council meeting started off with an Advisors report from Mrs. Indira Pierce. She was announcing the Stop, Cops and Americas Addiction to Incarceration which will be held on Saturday May 5, 2012. The forum will be held at the Cobo Convention  from 10am to 1pm followed by a forum called Americas Addiction to Incarceration from 1:30 to 4pm.

Both events will focus on the topics of Knowing your Rights, Traffic Stops, Street Stops, and Domestic Disputes. The second forum will also include information on why America has the world’s highest incarceration rate in the state of Michigan and the highest rate in the United States. So please DON’T hesitate on attending so join us this Saturday!

Also Ms. Pierce discussed the 57th Annual Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner which is May 6, 2012 also held at Cobo Convention Center. For those of the ages of 15 – 19 who are host and hostess she touched on some requirements and the importance of the dinner.

After the report from our advisor, our meeting heated up when it shifted to our Co – advisor Kamilia Landrum as she announced all candidates that are current on their membership and is a paid member 30 – days before the election running for an Executive Committee position. These candidates included:

Secretary: Kandace Nickelberry

Treasurer: D’ Avery Spearman

Second Vice President: Alexjandria Edwards, and Danielle Gates

First Vice President: Malaysha White, Naudia Harrison, Rajni - Anne Jackson, Tyreisha Williams and Kayla Wright

President: TeJaughn Rodgers, Gregory Harrison and Antashe Howard

Advisor: Indiria Pierce


After her report, the chair nominating committee re-stated the each candidate had a maximum time of 2-minutes for their speech.  Once all the speeches were completed the voting began.  Members of the nomination committee counted all the votes but we ended up with a three way tie between Malaysha White, Naudia Harrison and Rajni - Anne Jackson for First Vice President. So, we voted a final time for those three candidates to break the tie before announcing all new Executive Board members.  Mical Holt announced the  winning candidates for 2012 – 2013 as followed:

Kandance Nickelberry – Secretary

D’Avery Spearman – Treasurer

Alexjandria Edwards – Second Vice President

Naudia Harrison – First Vice President

Gregory Harrison – President

Indiria Pierce – Advisor


Our next Detroit Youth Council meeting will be held on May 16, 2012 at the Detroit NAACP Branch at 8220 Second Ave. Detroit, MI 48202 at 6:00pm. So start getting involved with the NAACP Youth Council we make a difference and so can you!


Submitted by: Naudia Harrison 11th Grader at West Bloomfield High school & 1st Vice President

Meeting of the Minds: Detroit Youth Council April 4, 2012 Meeting

The Detroit NAACP Youth Council held their bi-weekly membership meeting. During the meeting, members who participated in the Civil Rights Advocacy Training Institute (CRATI) reported on the workshops they attended while in Kentucky. Those workshops included: Economic Empowerment, Fundraising, Education, Health and Leadership. After the CRATI report, Assistant Secretary, Rajni-Anne Jackson provided the members with a Political Education report that outlined the voter registration goals of the Detroit Branch NAACP.  In our next meeting, members  will decide how many voters they will register in addition to discussing ways to increase voter turnout among high school students that are 18 years of age.

In addition to debriefing CRATI and discussing voter registration, we also discussed the following:

  • Student walk out at Fredrick Douglas Academy-  On March 30, 2012 close to 50 seniors at Fredrick Douglas Academy walked out of class in protest of their education, lack of books and school supplies, and the shortage of teachers who can teach senior curriculum.
  • Trayvon Martin and next steps- Youth Council passed a motion to have members of the juvenile justice committee write a proposal in support of changing the Stand Your Ground law in Florida.
  • CRATI 2013- Detroit will host the next Civil Rights Advocacy Training Institute and members of the Youth Council have agreed to be a part of the planning committee.

The meeting concluded with a discussion on the upcoming elections for 2012-2013 officers.  Elections will be held on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 at 8220 Second Ave. Detroit, MI 48202.  Members who are current on their memberships 30-days before the election date are eligible to run for office.  Those members who are not eligible 30-day prior to the election are unable to run for an office but they are still eligible to vote.

Next Youth Council meeting will be held on April 18, 2012 at the Detroit Branch NAACP office (8220 Second Ave. Detroit, MI) at 6:00 P.M.  So, come join us and bring a friend!

Submitted by: Naudia Harrison, 11th grader at West Bloomfield High School and Detroit NAACP Youth Council Member

Civil Rights Advocacy Training Institute This is my vote: Connecting the Dots

Saturday, March 31, 2012- The Detroit NAACP Youth Council and Advisor Indira Pierce stand with Tobias Q. Brown keynote speaker at the Youth Luncheon during the NAACP Midwest Civil Rights and Training Institute

Could the death of Trayvon Martin and many other young African-Americans been prevented with a check mark on an election ballot?

While participating in the 2012 NAACP Midwest Civil Rights Advocacy Training Institute, members of the Detroit NAACP Youth Council began connecting the dots of how redistricting and economic, educational and judicial inequities within our communities can be impacted by the power of voting.

With social networking sites like twitter and facebook connecting millions of people it is important the NAACP uses these vehicles to spread our message. Above members of the Detroit NAACP Youth Council learned how to use these social networking sites to address issues that plague our communities and promoting voter registration.

After the morning workshops, Youth Council members heard from Tobias Q. Brown during the Youth and College Advocacy Luncheon.  Mr. Brown provided principles for students that could be put into action today! As Mr. Brown stated, “your passion is contagious!”  This discussion was encouraging, enlightening, inspirational and very informative.

For more information about the Detroit NAACP Youth Council please join us every first and third Wednesday of the month at 6:00 p.m.  We meet at the Detroit Branch NAACP located at 8220 Second Ave. Detroit, MI.  Call 313-871-2087 for more information.