Public Policy

The Detroit Branch NAACP has engaged your local, state, county, and federal elected officials to impact and shape various public policies. The key areas of focus include:

  • Black Business Development
    – Access To Capital
    – Contracting Opportunities
    – Closing The Digital Divide


  • Civil Rights
    – End Racial Profiling
    – Affirmative Action, Preserve And Protect Equal Opportunity Programs


  •  Consumer Protection
    – Insurance Redlining
    – Telecommunications, Privacy Protection
    – Mortgage Lending, Provide Credit Protection
    – High Interest Rates


  • Education
    – Small Classes, Technology, Parental Involvement, High Expectations And Professional Development
    – Higher Education
    – MEAP Scholarships/Lawsuits (Rep. Judy Scranton’s Bill)
    – Real School Reform


  • Election Reform
    – Redistricting And Reapportionment
    – Racial And Political Gerrymandering
    – Motor Voter Law
    – Qualified Voter File, Voting Rights Issues


  • Family
    – Child Care For Low Income Families
    – Youth Development And Mentoring
    – Protect Social Security


  • Health
    – Healthcare Insurance; Managed Care/HMO’s
    – Long term Care And Mental Health Care
    – Access To Health Care
    – Homelessness
    – Aids Prevention And Treatment


  • Housing
    – Affordable Housing and Housing Discrimination
    – Incentives For Urban Dwellers
    – Ending Predatory Lending Practices


  • Workforce Development
    – HB 5997
    – Project Fresh Start
    – Glass Ceilings And Discrimination In The Workforce
    – Quality Employer Supplied Benefits


  • Urban Core
    – Concentrated Poverty
    – Regional Transportation
    – Statewide, Regional, Federal, And Global Issues

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