Civil Rights

Civil Rights, one of the Detroit Branch NAACP’s 10 Strategic Priorities, is dedicated to advocating for the rights of all people regardless of race, color or national origin.  The Detroit Branch NAACP will focus on the following areas:

  • Advocating policies and legislation that guarantee equal employment opportunity in the private and public sectors.
  • Advocating strong enforcement of fair housing, public accommodation, and employment laws.
  • Advocating for improved health care and for equal access to health services and insurance.
  • Advocating equitable distribution of public resources.
  • Supporting positive images and attitudes about race and about the people of the African Diaspora.
  • Advocating for policies and processes that promote equal and fair treatment of all immigrants.
  • Improving the criminal/juvenile justice system, with particular attention to:
    • Minimizing the number and disproportionate percentage of African American and other minority youths and adults in the criminal/juvenile system.
    • Holding law enforcement agencies accountable for excessive use of force and abuse of authority.
    • Advocating law enforcement recruitment and training policies that promote equal treatment and opportunity.
    • Advocating equitable treatment at all levels of the criminal justice system.

6 thoughts on “Civil Rights

    • Thank you Carolyn for visiting The Detroit Branch NAACP YouTube channel should launch within the next two weeks. We hope you will visit again as we will have new updates on initiatives, issues and videos posted frequently.

  1. I truly enjoyed your website! I am looking for information on the civil rights training taking place in Detroit on March 21- 24, 2013. Please forward itinerary or schedule. Any questions, I can be reached @ 312-848-3381.

    • Hello Valencia,

      Thank you for contacting the Detroit Branch NAACP. More information about the Region III Civil Rights Advocacy and Training Institute can be found at

      If you should have additional questions, please contact our office at (313) 871-2087. We encourage you to also attend our monthly general membership meetings every 4th Thursday at 6:00 P.M.

  2. Fifty years ago, Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. shared a vision with the city residents. A vision that has partially been realized, however the dream still has a way to go for many, a painful reality which to them, the Reverends dream is far from achievable.

    As a human rights activist, my friends and I advocate for a completion of Dr. Kings vision. The issues we face and attempt to correct such as discrimination, wrongful imprisonment of our citizens based on the color of their skin or choice, asset seizure and forfeiture as well as child protective concerns have many of the same obstacles Reverend King and many others once faced towards the path of enlightenment.

    Many of my peers and I in the state of Michigan feel that if Reverend King was alive today he would be advocating for the end of the prison industrial complex, ending the drug war, a return to a place where all choices instituted by man are respected but also that Reverend King may have aided in rejuvenating Detroit prosperity.

    I would like to discuss with you the opportunity to assist in completing our honored heroes dream of equality for all. It is my belief that by working together, WE ALL CAN LIVE THE DREAM. Please contact me at

    Thank you.

    • Hello Gregory and thank you for contacting the Detroit Branch NAACP. Someone will be in contact with you soon and we look forward to your continued participation and support. We encourage you to attend our General Membership Meetings every 4th Thursday of each Month, visit our website, or contact our office at 313-871-2087 for all monthly updates. Additionally, we invite you to join us for the 50th Anniversary of the Martin Luther King Jr., Freedom Walk. The event will be held June 22, 2013 and we will meet at the intersection of Warren & Forest at 9:00A.M. There is a community meeting scheduled for May 15, 2013 at the Detroit NAACP Office at 6:00P.M. More information can be found at

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