Donnell R. White, Executive Director
Mr. Donnell R. White
Executive Director
Ext. 2413

Darwin Beacham, Finance Director
Mr. Darwin Beacham
Finance Director
Ext. 2405

Ms. Kamilia Landrum
Program & Membership Services Coordinator
Ext. 2408

Atty. Chui Karega
General Counsel
Ext. 2403

Kathleen Coney, Special Projects
Ms. Kathleen Coney
Special Projects Coordinator
Ext. 2402

Laurie Moore, Special Projects
Ms. Laurie Moore
Special Projects Coordinator
Ext. 2411

Tonie Bell, Media Coordinator
Mrs. Tonie Bell
Media/Youth & Education Coordinator
Ext. 2406

Ms. LaToya Henry
Media/Youth & Education Coordinator
Ext. 2406

Ms. Royda Urey

Special Projects Coordinator
Ext. 2412

Mr. Kenny Wilson
Office Assistant
Ext. 2414

Mr. Robert Green
Maintenance Coordinator
Ext. 2415

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