Allies, Issues, and Actions: Sheriff Benny Napoleon

          The Detroit Branch NAACP held another great Allies, Issues, and Action meeting on Tuesday, October 29th. One week before election Day we thought it to be essential to hear from the two Detroit Mayoral candidates. Although both were invited only Sheriff Benny Napoleon responded and showed up. Sheriff Napoleon was moving, motivating, energetic as he graced  us with his esteemed presence.
          Sheriff Napoleon opened the discussion talking about his history as a Detroiter. “I love the City of Detroit and its people. I was born and raised in Detroit, where I have lived, worked, and raised my daughter.”  Napoleon said. He discussed the many years he has worked as a Police officer fighting crime with emphasis on the many years spent working day and night to reduce crime and improve the quality of life for all Detroiters. Sheriff Napoleon explained, “I have always been there for you! protecting and supporting our most prized possessions, our children and our seniors.” Sheriff Napoleon went on to discuss the importance of this years Mayoral election. Emphatically speaking, Benny Napoleon got every one’s attention when he said; “This election will come down to the voters making the decision on who should lead Detroit into the future and who will be involved in the Detroit Turnaround! This is the most important election in 70 years and will probably change Detroit for the next 30 years.” You cant afford to sit this one out! it will affect all of us!”