Allies Issues and Actions – Mayor Dave Bing

Pictured are Executive Director Donnell White, Mayor Dave Bing, and President Rev. Wendell Anthony, as Mayor Bing addresses the Allies, Issues and Action audience on the State of the City.

The Detroit Branch  NAACP Allies, Issues, and Action meeting  held on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 focused on the future of Detroit.  Our guest speaker was Mayor Dave Bing.  Mayor Bing spoke to over 80 people  representing community leaders, religious leaders, labor leaders and non-profit  organizations.

Mayor Bing described the five key areas he and his administration are focusing on: public safety, public transportation, public lighting, blight, recreation centers.  Mayor Bing also spoke on the state of the city’s finances, in which the Mayor acknowledged one of the biggest factors is the continuous cuts in revenue sharing from the State of Michigan.

Community Leaders listen to Mayor Bing as he answers questions from concerned community, business, and faith leaders.

Bing also spoke about key areas  of accomplishments and improvements around the City such as the Eastern Market area  clearing of vacant buildings, partnerships in place to reduce crime in the  City. Mayor Bing answered many questions  and spoke to the Allies for 50 minutes. Many questions centered on the possibility of Detroit having an Emergency Manager in the near future.
The Detroit NAACP had a press conference immediately following the meeting. As many of our Allies stood with President Wendell Anthony as he re-established the
Detroit NAACP’s position on the Emergency Manager Law and the possibility of Detroit receiving an Emergency Manager.


Detroit Branch NAACP and UAW Unveil Plans for the 50th Anniversary March Down Woodward

Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony at Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School announcing the partnership with the UAW to lead the 50th Anniversary Commemorative March Down Woodward on June 22, 2013.

The Detroit Branch NAACP,

UAW and many leaders from the faith-based, labor, civic, corporate and grassroots community held a press conference at Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School to announce the plans for the 50th Anniversary March Down Woodward. In 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led an historic march down Woodward Avenue where he first delivered his famous “I Have A Dream” speech. The theme for the 50th Anniversary Commemorative March is “50 Years Later: We Shall Not Default On Our Freedom.” The March will be held on Saturday, June 22, 2013 beginning at 9:00 A.M. at the corners of Woodward and Forest. The March will be chaired by James Settles, International UAW Ford Vice President. For more information please read the following press statement issued by Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony, President of the Detroit Branch NAACP.

Detroit Does Not Need an Emergency Manager

Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony tells the Governor that the City of Detroit does not need an Emergency Financial Manager. He states, “If you come into our City, you own it.”

Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony, President of the Detroit Branch NAACP held a press conference on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 to address the potential appointment of an Emergency Financial Manager for the City of Detroit by Governor Rick Snyder.  The Detroit Branch NAACP was a major coalition partner in the successful effort that collected signatures and helped to repeal Public Act 4.  Please click the link to read the official press statement.

Detroit Branch NAACP 58th Annual Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner Kick-Off

The Detroit Branch NAACP recently held its kick-off for the 58th Annual Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner. The kick-off ceremony was held at the Roostertail in Detroit. This year the Detroit Branch NAACP’s 58th Annual Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner will be held on Sunday, April 28, 2013 at Cobo Conference Center. The Detroit Branch NAACP Annual Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner is a premier civil rights event that brings together the community in support of fighting for social justice and equality. The Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner is also the Detroit Branch NAACP’s largest fundraiser. The Dinner helps to support the Detroit Branch NAACP’s many youth initiatives, voter protection and education efforts and outreach programs such as Ask the Lawyer.

A secret to the success of the Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner are the Top Ticket Sellers. Ticket selection was held on Saturday, February 23. To purchase tickets, tables or find about sponsorship for the Detroit Branch NAACP Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner please call 313-871-2087.

Detroit NAACP Young Adult Committee Meeting 2-21-13

Thursday evening the Detroit Branch NAACP Young Adult Committee met to discuss the progress of their mentoring program with the Detroit NAACP Youth Council. YAC members, Brandy Berry and Elizabeth Russell, helped to develop strategies on how we would move forward in creating a program that best addressed the needs of the students.

Additionally, the committee discussed opportunities for more young professionals to get involved with the 58th Annual Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner and over all Detroit Branch NAACP activites. Keep a close eye as we prepare to unveil our newest engagement initiatives.

The Young Adult Committee continues to meet every 1st and 3rd Thursday at the Detroit Branch NAACP (8220 Second Ave. Detroit, MI 48202). Meetings begin at 6:00PM and refreshments are served.

Detroit Youth Council Meeting – Do You Know Your History?

Youth Council Meeting 2-20-13

Wednesday evening the Detroit NAACP Youth Council met with excitement to celebrate Black History Month. Nearly 30 young people split into two teams to battle out who knew the most about African American History. The evening, in conjunction with the Detroit Branch NAACP Young Adult Committee, was filled with excitement as the young people displayed their knowledge. After 20 trivial questions, Team 2 prevailed.

Pictured above are Detroit NAACP Youth Council members preparing to answer the final question; Who are the founders of the NAACP?

The Detroit NAACP Youth Council continues to meet every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 6:00PM. Young people ages 12-18 are encouraged to join us. The next meeting is scheduled for March 6, 2013.

Press Statement – Detroit Branch NAACP Response to Potential Threat to Metro Detroit Community Leaders

The following Press Statement is issued by Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony, President, Detroit Branch NAACP regarding the weapons and targeted list found by the FBI in the home and business of an alleged neo-Nazi in Ohio.

DETROIT — In January of this year the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) contacted me to inform me of some disturbing items they found in the home and business of an alleged neo-Nazi and white supremacist in Toledo, Ohio. The investigation by the Ohio FBI led to the discovery of multiple high powered weapons, thousands of rounds of ammunition and that he appeared to be tracking community leaders in Detroit and I was one of the ones whose name appeared on a suspected target list. I along with my family and many others in the community are grateful for the investigative work done by the Ohio FBI and the United States Department of Justice. We still live in a time and place where certain individuals do not believe that people or organizations such as the NAACP should advocate for civil rights and social justice. History already tells us that this type of advocacy work is not immune from hatred and violence. We take these allegations very seriously but will not allow it to deter us from fighting for equality.

For more information on the Detroit Branch NAACP please call (313) 871-2087 or visit